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Epoxy Resin Primer Formula Reduction

Jul 11, 2020

Reducing epoxy resin primer coating primer is a key step for coating construction. The general base surface process is coating primer. Micro-spectrum technology——Reduction of epoxy resin primer formulations——Domestic authoritative laboratory for unknown objects!

   The role of epoxy resin primer formula reduction:

   1. Understand the raw material composition of the primer and choose a supplier;

   2. Solve product problems and reduce production costs;

   3. Shorten the R&D cycle, improve R&D efficiency, and keep up with the industry direction;

   4. Technical innovation, assist in the development of new product formulations, competitors;

   5. Improve the performance of the product from the customer's perspective, such as how to further reduce the VOC content of the product.

  Reducing principle of epoxy resin primer formula: the structure and peak height of the component spectrum of the primer have unity, invariance and detectability.

After the separation and extraction of the primer sample, through the five steps of sample evaluation, pretreatment, instrument detection, spectrum analysis, and reverse reduction, comprehensive use of thermal cracking, IR infrared, NMR nuclear magnetic, XRD/XRF, thermogravimetric analysis TGA, DSC, scanning There are more than 10 large and small instruments such as electron microscopes. The hardware supports accurate and reliable analysis results, and restores the original formula and raw material composition.