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Fat Board Can Be Divided Into Major Categories According To Material

Aug 05, 2020

The advancement of science and technology has greatly improved our current life. Intelligent and convenient is a true portrayal of modern life. Longcai New Materials is also making unremitting efforts in innovation. There is a lot of knowledge about powder coatings. Today we will talk about it. According to the material, the resin can be

The boards are divided into several categories.

1. The board made of unsaturated resin pouring process has poor weather resistance and environmental protection. The material itself is light blue, which is easy to yellow and age. Generally, unsaturated resin is more artificial stone. Add aluminum hydroxide with various additives and curing agents.

The plate made of accelerator is suitable for low-end decoration style. The market price is about tens of yuan per square meter;

2. Epoxy resin pouring board, also called crystal resin board, the price of epoxy resin is higher than that of unsaturated resin, and the decorative board with higher transparency is made. Because the processing technology is simple, ordinary processing factories can make it easily, but the board The thickness tolerance is relatively large, such as 10MM plate, the positive and negative tolerance is about 1-2MM, the flatness of the whole plate is not very good;

3. Acrylic pouring sheet is also a kind of resin sheet, but because the price is higher than unsaturated resin and epoxy resin, the resin sheet of general large brands uses acrylic material, but the acrylic market is also divided into imported and domestic. There are even recycled materials, so the requirements are different, and the price is of course huge.

4. The best material should be ecological resin board, the resin composition is PETG, the biggest advantage of ecological resin board itself is fire resistance, flame retardancy is B1 level, yellowing resistance, the material itself contains UV anti-ultraviolet function, finished product It has very good mechanical properties, and the secondary processing performance is particularly excellent. It does not pollute the environment. It is compounded with FDA's harsh food contact certification. Therefore, the lunch box of Lock&Lock and the second-generation ID card of our citizens are also made of this material. Attached made.

All knowledge needs to be irrigated by yourself. The more knowledge you have, the more comprehensive you can see, so you will get a very good exercise in slow operation.