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First Flight Of Domestic Carbon Fiber Unmanned Helicopter

May 27, 2020

Recently, the AV500C unmanned helicopter designed by China Aviation Industry Corporation successfully made its first flight. It weighs 500 kg, has a take-off altitude of 5,000 meters, a ceiling of 6,700 meters, and a maximum speed of 170 kilometers per hour. According to reports, the AV500C is a military version of the AV500 family, which can be used for high-altitude flight and can also be used as a No. 2 carrier aircraft.

AV500C unmanned helicopter

At present, China's new ships have reserved the use of unmanned helicopters, if the AV500C is on board, it can be called the Chinese version of "fire scout" unmanned helicopters.

The U.S. military “fire reconnaissance” unmanned helicopter family is currently the world ’s leading unmanned helicopter. It can not only carry out reconnaissance flights, but also carry anti-tank missiles against small surface targets. China's AV500C unmanned helicopter is aimed at this goal.

AV500C unmanned helicopter makes its first flight

The AV500C UAV will also carry out a series of test flights. Whether it can become a strong fire reconnaissance armed helicopter like a "fire scout" remains to be seen. However, with the development of small air-to-ground munitions in China, the AV500C drone is obviously not a big problem. In addition to the shipboard, this time it is clear that the aircraft has the ability to use the plateau, so it can be effectively used in the plateau conflict in the future, and it will become a good partner of our army ’s border defense force!

The slogan behind the AV500C drone test flight was dazzling-"The motherland will eventually choose those who are loyal to the motherland, and the motherland will remember those who dedicated to the motherland"!