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Five Stages Of Waterborne Epoxy Resin Development

Jul 06, 2020

Epoxy resins are mainly used in the fields of protective coatings, adhesives, electronic appliances, composite materials (reinforced plastics) and civil engineering. It is also widely used in the fields of water conservancy, transportation, machinery, electronics, home appliances, automobiles and aerospace. Do you know about the development of waterborne epoxy resins? Epoxy resin manufacturers introduce to you:

Epoxy resin manufacturers

   1. The lipophilic liquid epoxy resin is transformed with surfactant to form water-soluble resin; with acidified amine salt catalyst; this type of combination is suitable for floor paint with low VOC appeal.

   2. Convert solid epoxy resin into water-soluble resin; match with water-soluble amine catalyst; formula design, add a small amount of ether alcohol solvent, suitable for light anti-corrosion appeal metal primer.

   3. Mixing liquid or solid epoxy resin with carboxyl acrylic resin, with appropriate amine catalyst, suitable for weather-resistant and powder-resistant topcoats.

   4. Convert liquid or solid epoxy resin into water dispersion, with dispersed amine catalyst, suitable for floor paint.

The above four types of water-based epoxy resins are suitable for coating on non-metallic materials or metal coatings with light anti-corrosion requirements. They cannot meet the low VOC and heavy anti-corrosion requirements. Therefore, there are newer water-based epoxy resins and matching Development needs with amine curing agents.

  5. Water-dispersed epoxy resin (with an epoxy equivalent value of about 550) and water-dispersed amine curing agent (amine equivalent value of about 225) are suitable for heavy-duty anti-corrosive primers.

Epoxy resin manufacturers

Epoxy resins contain unique epoxy groups, as well as active groups and polar groups such as hydroxyl groups and ether bonds, plus a large number of accelerators, modifiers, additives, etc., which can be used in a variety of combinations and groups. It has many excellent properties. The epoxy resin manufacturers introduced the five stages of the development of water-based epoxy resins above. Let’s understand. I hope our introduction will help everyone