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Foreign Epoxy Resin-based Composite Materials Are Recycled And Reused

Oct 05, 2020

Recently, COBRA International, one of the world’s largest OEM manufacturers of water sports, automotive, marine, and civil engineering composites, and Aditya Birla Chemicals, a leading manufacturer of epoxy resins and advanced materials, announced the sustainable development of its latest epoxy-based composites The project won the 2020 JEC Innovation Award.

COBRA has successfully applied the new recyclable epoxy resin (Aditya Birla's proprietary recycling technology) to the mass production of its water sports components through cooperation with customers Starboard and Maui Fin Company (MFC), and has initiated a closed-loop process for reuse Reinforced fabrics and thermoplastic polymers produced when epoxy composites are recycled.

By incorporating the recyclable epoxy thermosetting system into mass production, COBRA has made a huge leap in sustainable development. COBRA and its partners use Aditya Birla's recyclable epoxy resin system Epotec YDL5552-THR9351 to add to the fin mold for water sports, and use the recyclable epoxy resin RTM system Epotec YDL5540-THR9151 to produce components. COBRA and its partners A sustainable closed-loop recycling process has been initiated, which will significantly reduce the amount of composite material wasted.

At the end of 2019, the company manufactured the first batch of molds and designed and produced various fins for customers. After conducting mechanical tests to confirm performance comparable to existing parts, starboard and MFC skaters also tested the heat sink on the water to ensure that the new process did not affect the handling or feel of the wood, and gave the green light to mass production.

Recycled resin system and processed structural parts

"This is a remarkable achievement, with great potential to make more sustainable epoxy components," said Danu Chotikapanich, CEO of COBRA. "Building on the success of this project, COBRA and our partners are now focusing on expanding the recycling infrastructure. Starboard and MFC will provide customers with recyclable epoxy fins throughout 2020, and COBRA is also proceeding. The first stage of work is to use recyclable epoxy resin for larger parts and molds in the group."

Pradip Dubey, CEO of Advanced Materials Aditya Birla Chemicals commented: “We have always been committed to making a meaningful contribution to a sustainable world and developing safe and low-carbon footprint products for a wide range of applications.”