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Four Key Points Often Overlooked In Anticorrosion Engineering Construction

Aug 11, 2020

Anti-corrosion coatings are widely used in the petrochemical industry. There are several common misunderstandings in practical applications. I will take you to understand them today.

   1. Ignore surface treatment and just look at anti-corrosion materials.

  A very important link before the anti-corrosion coating of metal and non-metal materials is that we must first pre-treat the surface of the substrate. Surface treatment will directly affect the quality of the coating, the adhesion to the substrate, the protective performance of the substrate, the appearance of the coating, and the service life of the coating, etc. The quality of the surface treatment will directly affect the quality of the coating. Whether the surface treatment meets the requirements will directly affect the anti-corrosion life. Relevant staff only pay attention to quality and often ignore surface treatment requirements.

   2. Ignore the anti-corrosion package, just look at the material selection.

  Different environments, the selected anti-corrosion coatings also need to change accordingly. In actual business, it often happens that the compatibility of the anti-corrosion system is not paid attention to. Especially for maintenance projects, regardless of the adaptability between the coatings, the new layer is directly applied to the old coating, causing bubbles and other phenomena.

  3. Ignore the comprehensive cost and only look at the unit price of materials.

  Under normal circumstances, good performance anti-corrosion coatings have higher production costs and relatively high prices. But at the same time we must also pay attention to the coating life and coating area. There are many cost-related factors: paint loss, paint performance indicators (such as solid content), construction methods, and design film thickness. In the business process, some users do not consider the comprehensive cost, but only pay attention to the unit price of each material and choose low-priced anti-corrosion coatings, resulting in the total cost of the final cost is not low, this scenario is very common.

   4. Ignore long-term costs and only look at short-term investment.

  Different projects should use different anti-corrosion life settings to avoid the need to choose a system with a short life because the initial investment is small because the maintenance cost is high in the later period. Due to the complexity of many projects, the investment for maintenance in the later stage is much higher than the initial investment. Under conditions, try to choose a longer-term anti-corrosion coating system to reduce the investment for maintenance in the later period.