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FRP Processing Technology And Application

Jul 15, 2020

The application of unsaturated polyester resin is closely related to processing and molding technology. Sophisticated and superb technology is a bridge to obtain ideal products. Mastering processing technology is the key to ensuring the quality of FRP products. There are four main methods of forming FRP: hand lay-up, molding, winding and spraying. Specifically, it can be further subdivided into hand lay-up method, spray method, centrifugal method, bag mold method, cold pressing method, premix molding method, pre-molding method, hand lay-up winding method, winding extrusion method and winding molding method, etc. More than ten kinds of molding methods.

Among the above-mentioned various molding methods, the premix molding method and the preforming molding method belong to the molding method. Extrusion method, centrifugal method, bag molding method, cold pressing method and winding molding method are a combination of two of the above four common molding methods, such as centrifugal method, bag molding method and cold pressing master hand lay-up method and Combining the molding method, the winding extrusion method and the winding molding method are a combination of the molding method and the winding method, and the hand lay-up winding method is a combination of the hand lay-up method and the winding method.

According to the different state of glass fiber and its products impregnated with resin, it can be divided into dry molding and wet molding. According to the different pressures applied during the product forming process, it can also be divided into high-pressure forming and low-pressure forming, the latter also called contact low-pressure forming.

The method of glass fiber reinforced plastic molding should be selected according to factors such as product performance requirements, product structure, economic cost, resin used and construction operating conditions.