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FRP Resin Crafts Break The Traditional Crafts Boundaries

Jul 29, 2020

The glass fiber reinforced plastic resin crafts shuttle in every corner of our lives, beautify our environment, and bring us a different experience, such as the craftsman in front of the restaurant, some large and small ornaments or vivid animal crafts , It is a great embodiment of the indispensability of crafts in our lives. Every exquisite handicraft, every handicraft skill, demonstrates the ingenuity and skill of folk craftsmen, and also creates traditional Chinese art. At the same time, it also witnesses the rise and fall of traditional craftsmanship.

   crafts (English: art craft): handicraft products. That is, products with artistic value that are processed by hand or machine from raw materials or semi-finished products. Crafts come from life, but they create a value higher than life. It is the crystallization of people's wisdom, fully embodies the creativity and artistry of mankind, and is a priceless treasure of mankind. There are many categories of handicrafts, and today we are focusing on glass fiber reinforced plastic resin crafts.


What does FRP resin crafts mean? Glass fiber reinforced plastic resin crafts are made of resin as the main raw material and are molded by molds to make various beautiful and vivid figures, animals, birds, landscapes, etc., and can be made into various simulation effects. Such as: imitation marble, imitation white marble, imitation wood imitation copper, imitation gold, imitation silver, imitation crystal, imitation agate, and other glass fiber reinforced plastic resin crafts. The emergence of glass fiber reinforced plastic resin crafts has obviously impacted the inherent market of crafts, and at the same time injected new blood into the crafts market, confirming that the crafts industry has taken a big step forward, and it has also driven the development of its composite materials. Following Xi Da's thoughts, this is a viable and viable enterprise development.