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FRP Resin Product Introduction

Jun 20, 2020

It is self-evident that the main use of FRP resin is in the production and production of FRP pipes in FRP products. Its role is to enhance the hardness of FRP and determine the heat resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance of FRP. The main model of FRP resin is 9365, and the specification is 220KG/barrel. This resin is divided into light yellow and light green colors. The resin shrinkage rate is relatively low, and the hardness is relatively high. It is a good intermediate for FRP pipes.

With the expansion of the market, the demand for FRP resins has further expanded. Kebao resin production experts visited the Hunan FRP resin market and observed that there has not been much change in resin prices recently, and it is in a steady development state. This all stems from the fact that the prices of resin raw materials have stabilized and there has been no substantial increase.


Now the market is full of glass fiber reinforced plastic resin manufacturers, how to choose high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic raw materials? Now Kebao resin experts teach you two tricks: first observe the color of the resin, the light yellow resin is relatively clear and bright, the light green resin color is emerald green, like emerald, the color is bright. The second is to do a small experiment before making the product to see if the hardness of the resin meets the standard, to avoid discovering the problem after a large amount of use, resulting in a waste of resin raw materials and economic losses. The company mainly sells 9365 and wv1 two kinds of glass fiber reinforced plastic resin, high quality and low price, is a very good glass fiber reinforced plastic resin material.