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Full Carbon Fiber Sports Car Unveiled At CIIE, Valued At 2.7 Million US Dollars, Only 10 In The World

Nov 09, 2020

The "Rolls Royce" on the water is worth more than 6 million yuan and weighs 5.25 tons; there are only 10 golden supercars in the world, valued at 2.7 million US dollars, and the acceleration time per 100 kilometers is 2.7 seconds...


Our reporter walked into the venue of the third CIIE on the 5th and found that many exhibits were attracting everyone's attention. In addition to yachts and supercars, you can also see robots that "read minds", walking robots, and smiling vending machines.


On November 5th, the third China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "CIIE") officially opened, once again attracting global attention. Hundreds of new products, new technologies, and new services will be "world premiere, China premiere", and many "hidden champions" in industry segments will also display their first products. Please follow the reporters of this newspaper to get a sneak peek and learn about the beautiful, fun, delicious and cool exhibitions that the Expo will have.

With a yacht worth more than 6 million yuan and a racing car worth nearly $3 million, for sports-loving riders, this Expo is full of sports and technology. In Pavilion 3 of the China International Import Expo, a large number of spectators surrounded the sports yachts of Italy's top luxury yacht RIVA.


As a "heavy guest" of the CIIE, it is produced in Italy, weighing 5.25 tons, 10.06 meters in length, 2.8 meters in width, 0.94 meters in draft, and a maximum speed of 41.5 knots. The market reference price is equivalent to RMB 6.49 million. According to the on-site staff, the model of this sports yacht is AquarivaSuper33. Its RIVA brand is called Riva in Chinese. It is known as the “Rolls Royce” on the water. Its history began in 1842. The products range from lines, coatings to performance and craftsmanship. It embodies excellence and is sought after by many celebrities at home and abroad.


On November 5th, the 3rd China International Import Expo officially opened, and the ApolloIE all-carbon fiber sports car was on display. Photos/Reporter Chen Zhangshu

The first full carbon fiber supercar, accelerating from 100 kilometers in 2.7 seconds


People who are as light as a swallow can run faster and jump higher. The ApolloIE, which debuted at the CIIE, is the world's first all-carbon fiber super sports car with a total weight of only 1.25 tons. And some familiar luxury cars are much heavier than it: For example, Lamborghini's Gallardo V10AT weighs 1.57 tons, Ferrari F430 weighs 1.45 tons, Bugatti Veyron weighs 2.034 tons.


According to on-site staff, the ApolloIE series is the world’s first full-carbon mass-produced super sports car. It uses a naturally aspirated 6.3-liter V12 engine with a maximum speed of 8,500 rpm, producing a considerable 780 horsepower, a top speed of 335 kilometers per hour, and an acceleration time of 100 kilometers It only takes 2.7 seconds.


The car is made of carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber composite materials, which can withstand high-strength impact and prevent foreign bodies from puncturing. In addition, it is equipped with door hinge safety devices and integrated fire extinguishing systems to provide passengers with the highest level of safety protection in the event of accidental overturning and damage. In addition, ApolloIE adopts a gull-wing door design and adds a door hinge safety device. If the vehicle accidentally overturns, the door can be manually removed to facilitate rescue and escape. It adopts a racing-grade safety design concept and extends the fire extinguishing system pipeline to the engine room and The cockpit allows the driver to manually activate the fire suppression system.


The on-site staff revealed that the global ApolloIE model is limited to 10 units and the price is 2.7 million US dollars.


The reporter saw in the automobile exhibition area of the CIIE that the world's top seven vehicle groups were all present, in addition to the all-carbon fiber super sports car ApolloIE, Toyota hydrogen fuel cell version of Kosda commercial vehicles, Hyundai hydrogen fuel heavy truck XCIENT and so on.


Take off and land. After seeing super luxury sports cars and water yachts, let us have another flight in the sky. In Hall 3, visitors can experience a flight simulation experience. According to the on-site staff, visitors can experience 15-minute flight driving and experience the driving process of the plane taking off, avoiding obstacles, and landing.


The cooperation project between Saudi Arabia's STII and Sichuan Tengdun, and the largest domestic TU amphibious drone appeared at the CIIE. The maximum flight time is 12 hours and the maximum speed is 210 kilometers per hour. It can be used for maritime search and rescue, emergency communications, etc.


At this CIIE, there is no lack of science and technology in the fun. The sixth-generation table tennis robot presented by Omron possesses the "mind-reading" skills and has the same ability to perceive emotions as a human coach.


The self-service studio displayed at the CIIE can free your hands. If you love selfies, you no longer have to slowly revise your pictures. The photos you take are comparable to professional photo studios.


In addition, there are new wheelchair-type mini-cars, 5G digital society prospective picture scrolls, 8KQLED screens, smile vending machines, walking robots, etc., which will make you feel the shock of "technology".