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Germany Develops New Manufacturing Processes That Can More Flexibly Use Composite Materials To Customize Wheels

Aug 21, 2020

Recently, scientists at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern in Germany have developed a method that can tailor wheels to customer needs.

Wheels with spokes can be found in bicycles, automobiles and industries. In the sports industry, lightweight carbon fiber reinforced wheels have been widely used. So far, the production cost of carbon fiber wheels is very high, so the use is limited. . According to foreign media reports, T Kaiserslautern, a researcher at the University of Technology, has developed a method to adjust the production of spoke wheels according to customer needs. The team is currently working with a new company, evolme GmbH, to bring innovative technologies to the market.

It takes a long time to manufacture fiber reinforced material (FRP) wheels. Dr. Marcel B. cker, who has been engaged in composite materials research for a long time, said: “This process involves many steps, and a lot of work can only be done manually. Expensive materials must be used because a lot of waste is generated.

Commercial economist Robert (Robert) explained, “The three-step method we developed can produce wheels more efficiently than traditional methods.” In addition, this method does not produce waste, so it has good environmental sustainability.

Dr. Marcel B. cker explained: “Basically, the process is called wet winding, which automatically wraps the fibers into small molded parts when forming the wheel structure.” Engineers use a 3D printer to produce biodegradable materials. The exact shape of the mold is determined by a computer program. "

Dr. Marcel B. cker continued to explain to reporters: “Then, the wheel is made with a mold, and the wheel is wrapped by a fiber belt on a rotating tool plate. “The rotation will continue until the thickness of the wheel is reached. The soft FRP strips are made into spokes. As the last step, another ribbon will be wound around the spokes to form a complete wheel. When the material hardens, the molded part is removed and the wheel product is completed. The special feature of this method is that it can be adapted to the needs of customers, such as the size of the wheel or the number of spokes. In many cases, it can be done by using specially developed software "click the button" so that customers can quickly realize their personality Solutions. "

The above advantages also open the door to new industries and new applications, which can combine lightweight with high performance, such as high-performance grinding wheels or wind transmissions in manufacturing plants. In addition, the technology can also be used to customize bicycle wheels or car rims.