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Get Rid Of Concept Paint Children's Paint Will Have National Standards

Jun 03, 2020

For many years, there has been a chaotic phenomenon in China's coatings industry: the conceptual production of children's paint based on the market needs is popular throughout the country, and various "zero formaldehyde, graffiti-resistant, ultra-environmentally friendly" children's paints have emerged in an endless stream. Relevant standards, businesses are implementing the standard of ordinary paint, which has caused misleading consumers. But soon, consumers can begin to buy children's paint with confidence, because from July 1st, "Waterborne Wood Coatings for Children's Room Decoration" (GB/T33394-2016) will be officially implemented, which is China's first children's paint standard .

 "Waterborne Wood Coatings for Children's Room Decorations" (hereinafter referred to as "water-based paints for children's paints") was approved in 2014, and was jointly reviewed and customized by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Management Committee, and was December 30, 2016 The only national standard for children's paint in the 163 national standards, such as "Quality Management System Foundation and Terminology" approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision and National Standards Commission. In addition, the standard for interior wall paints for children's rooms, which mainly regulates interior wall paints for children, is also being developed and is expected to be implemented within this year. After these two standards are officially implemented, it will break the chaos in the children's paint market in my country for many years, and the conceptual production will be effectively curbed slowly.


my country's paint market is in great demand, and the children's paint market is in a hot state. Under the call of interest, many companies have produced children's paint. Although most children's paints are within the scope of the standard, it is understood that among the children's furniture sampled by the AQSIQ, the failure of children's paints is the main reason for the failure of the formaldehyde content of the furniture. The reporter observed that many children's paints on the market under the banner of "zero formaldehyde, scrub resistance" and so on are mostly illusory, and there are no strict restrictions on indoor VOC emissions, and the concept of paint is rampant. However, the market is highly dependent, and the business of "selling sheep's heads to sell dog meat" has also become prosperous. The establishment and implementation of the national standard for children's paint seems extremely urgent and necessary.


In order to give children a healthy growth environment, the water-based wood coatings used in children's room furniture and home improvement products-"water-based wood coatings for children's room decoration" compared with ordinary wood coatings, environmental performance requirements are much stricter, environmental protection, scrub resistance More strict regulations have been made. Because in the view of "water paints for children's paints", children's paints should be specially designed to protect children's health, and should implement more stringent standards for harmful substances. In addition, high-quality children's paint should also have stronger stain resistance, easy to scrub children's graffiti. The introduction of the standard will make the days when enterprises "hang sheep's heads and sell dog meat" go slowly.


At present, the details of the "Children's Paint Waterborne Coatings" standard have not been announced, but the reporter reviewed the "Internal Wall Coatings for Children's Room Decoration" whose implementation date has not yet been determined and found that its standard requirements for children's paint interior wall decorative coatings are much higher than Ordinary interior wall paint. Children's paint interior wall paint has a formaldehyde content of 5 mg/kg (common indoor paint is 100 mg/kg) and a VOC content of 10 g/liter (common indoor paint is 120 g/liter). In contrast, children's paint is more stringent The limits of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and VOC have been standardized.


In addition, the "Internal Wall Coatings for Children's Room Decoration" directly quotes the test method of "Limits for Harmful Substances in Toy Coatings" (GB24613-2009), which increases Testing, and the creation of standards, strict control of the content of asbestos, a recognized carcinogen in the world, and higher requirements for scrub resistance and stain resistance.


Regulating the production of children's paints and giving paint companies a "standard" can be said to be the biggest joy in the paint industry in recent years. From the consumer's point of view, the emergence of national standards for children's paints such as "Waterborne Wood Coatings for Children's Room Decorations" and "Interior Wall Coatings for Children's Room Decorations" will make it easier to find "who" in the dazzling paint market It is a true advocate of health and environmental protection, and can be more at ease when buying children's paint and children's furniture.


The paint standard is a favorable promoter for regulating the production of products in the paint industry. The remediation of industry chaos not only depends on the implementation of the standard, but also requires the active cooperation of enterprises. In the author's opinion, the flowers of the motherland need to be carefully cared for. With the successive introduction of the children's paint national standard, the country's care for children's growth has also been implemented. Children's paint is deeply dependent on the market. I believe that in the future paint market, the strictness of the standard will guide the paint enterprises. In order to meet the standards of the country and consumers, the situation of enterprises "fishing in muddy water" will be greatly reduced. This will appease the market, To prevent and control market chaos and guide consumers to buy real children's paint, the advantages and disadvantages are clear at a glance.