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Good Partner For Anti-corrosion Coatings: Epoxy Glass Flake Cement

Aug 11, 2020

Epoxy glass flake mortar is a common anticorrosive coating substrate. Adding epoxy glass flake mortar to the anticorrosive coating can not only improve the mechanical strength of the coating, but also effectively reduce the linear expansion coefficient and curing shrinkage rate. It is a thick-build coating .

   Adding epoxy glass flake cement to the coating can greatly improve the corrosion resistance of the coating, especially the corrosion of water and ions. Water is the most common corrosive substance. Water vapor is permeable and often diffuses into the coating and corrodes the substrate under the coating. If epoxy glass flake mortar is added to the paint, the original anti-corrosion protective layer can resist the corrosion of water vapor and will have more superior corrosion resistance.

   Epoxy glass flake mortar is an excellent additive for anti-corrosion coatings. It has been successfully applied in various industries and is widely used as an anti-corrosion protective layer on the surface of concrete structures. The anticorrosive material added with epoxy glass flake cement can effectively reduce the difference in thermal expansion coefficient between itself and the substrate, reduce the hardening shrinkage of the coating, effectively reduce cracks, and increase the service life of the coating.