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High-strength Epoxy Resin Composite

Jun 03, 2020

In China, since industrial production, epoxy resin has developed vigorously throughout the country. In addition to the production of ordinary bisphenol A epoxy resin, it also produces various types of new epoxy resin to meet national defense construction and national economic departments Urgently needed. The development of epoxy resins has driven the development and production of related curing agents, such as polyamide curing agents, phenolic amine curing agents, modified amine curing agents, waterborne epoxy curing agents and other epoxy curing agent products. 

Recently, the French Norplex-Micarta company used high strength glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin to produce a NP572 high strength epoxy resin composite material. The material can retain at least 50% of the room temperature flexural strength at a high temperature of 150°C. Due to its excellent processability, excellent dimensional stability, excellent creep resistance and long-term durability, NP572 is a high-temperature glass fiber felt composite material and a high-performance glass fiber filled thermoplastic. With its low guaranteed temperature of 180°C, NP572 is considered to be the standard material used for Class H insulation in electrical equipment applications