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High Temperature Resistant Unsaturated Polyester Resin

Jul 16, 2020

Using advanced chemical reaction technology and precise process control with a microcomputer, many new unsaturated polyester systems have been developed. For example, Owens-corning has developed a variety that can be used in a corrosive environment for a long-term operating temperature of 177°C and is suitable for the manufacture of impact armor. , Used to manufacture baking-resistant cookware, only 232 ℃ does not turn yellow, there is an unsaturated polyester reinforced RIM system, can be used as a variety of structural elements.

DSM has newly developed two kinds of modified unsaturated polyesters, which have H-level heat resistance. After aging at 180℃ for 20,000 H, they retain more than 50% of the original mechanical properties. It can be used to require heat resistance of 150~200℃ On occasion, one of the grades is Aynolite tp970VG. This resin is an unsaturated polyester modified with a polyester skeleton. It can be cured in the same way as ordinary unsaturated polyester, and can be used as an electrical insulating laminate and a heat shield for automobiles.

Japan Teijin has developed a modified unsaturated polyester UP-RLMR, this resin has low viscosity, excellent processability and heat resistance, the temperature resistance of non-reinforced products and reinforced products reached 170 ℃ and 300 ℃, respectively