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How About Resin Pots?

May 27, 2020

Resin pots have advantages and disadvantages. There are many advantages, the first is environmental protection; the second is light; the third is bright and has many styles; the fourth appearance is more beautiful and noble than other types of pots. There are many types of plants that are more suitable for this pot, such as orchids. However, it also has a disadvantage, that is, the permeability is not very good.

1. How about resin pots?

In fact, there is no absolute good or bad for a flower pot. There are no flower pots that have advantages but no disadvantages. The same is true for resin flower pots, but in comparison, it has many advantages, so it is recommended. However, in the actual selection, it is still necessary to consider the specific requirements of the type of plant to be cultivated, whether it is suitable for this kind of flower pot.

2. Advantages

(1) First, it can be seen from its name that it is made of a plant fiber. This material is more environmentally friendly, and it will be buried in the soil. After a while, it will degrade naturally and will not pollute the soil and groundwater. Although it is also mixed with other chemicals, it is more environmentally friendly and meets the requirements for environmental protection.

(2) Second, it is lighter. Its material density is relatively small, so it is lighter in the same volume and is more convenient to carry.

(3) Third, it has many bright colors and many styles. We can observe some flower pots from the pictures, in fact it is far more than that.

(4) The fourth is its appearance. Compared with other flower pots, it is very noble and elegant, and the flowers are beautiful.

resin flower pot

3. Disadvantages

This kind of pot has a big disadvantage, that is, the air permeability is not very good, which may cause the plant to rot.

4. Suitable for plants

In general, it is still very good, there are many types of flowers, the most suitable is orchids.