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How Broad Is The Application Field Of Carbon Fiber?

May 26, 2020

Carbon fiber has new applications almost every day. This high-performance material, which began more than half a century ago, is now part of our daily lives. Now, it can appear in a variety of forms in the application field, such as can be woven into tubular and sheet, used in the construction field, can also be used as a conventional fiber for filament winding.


Carbon fiber has already landed on the moon with spacecraft, but it is also widely used in aircraft parts and structures, and its superior strength to weight ratio far exceeds any metal. 30% of carbon fiber is used in the aerospace industry, from helicopters to gliders to jet fighters, carbon fiber is playing an irreplaceable role.

Sporting goods

Carbon fiber is also widely used in sporting goods, from running shoes to hockey sticks, tennis rackets and golf clubs. Due to the high strength of carbon fiber and its high tolerance to structural damage, it has saved many lives in high-speed racing. It can also be used in hard hats, suitable for rock climbing, horse riding and motorcyclists, but in fact, carbon fiber can be used in any sport that has a risk of head injury.

Military affairs

Carbon fiber is widely used in the military field, from aircraft and missiles to protective helmets. Due to its significant weight reduction and enhancement effect, carbon fiber can be used in almost all military equipment. Whether it ’s a soldier ’s personal equipment or a field hospital, the weight savings of using carbon fiber means that each gallon of gasoline moves faster or has a higher mass.

Almost every day, a new military product uses carbon fiber, and the most peculiar military application is the small flapping wing in small drones, which is mainly used for surveillance missions. Of course, we do n’t understand all military uses, so some carbon fiber uses will always be part of Operation Black.

Household carbon fiber

Whether it is style or practical application, the use of carbon fiber in the home is beyond imagination. For those who focus on fashion, you may want a shiny black bathtub or coffee table made of carbon fiber, then it can be realized immediately. The protective sleeves, pens, and even bow ties of the iPhone seem to have become commonplace due to the unique and sexy appearance of carbon fiber.

Medical applications

Compared with traditional materials, carbon fiber has many advantages in the medical field, including carbon fiber has "ray transparency" that is transparent to X-ray, and appears black on the X-ray image. At present, carbon fiber has been widely used in various imaging equipment structures to support limb detection under X-ray or radiotherapy.

One product currently under study is carbon fiber reinforced cruciate ligaments with damaged knees, but the most promising medical application of carbon fiber may be prosthetics. When the International Athletics Federation failed to ban South African athlete Oscar Pistorius from participating in the Beijing Olympics, carbon fiber right leg prosthetics gave him a lot of advantages, and there was still much debate.

Automobile industry

With the reduction of cost, the application of carbon fiber in the automotive field is becoming more and more extensive. At present, many super sports car bodies have adopted carbon fiber materials in large quantities, but their wider use may be on internal components, such as instrument shells and seat frames.

Environmental applications

As a chemical purifier, the carbon material itself is a powerful absorbent. The surface area is important when absorbing harmful chemicals. For a given carbon fiber weight, the surface area is significantly larger than the particles. Although we currently see that most of the activated carbon particles are used as bedding and water purification, the potential of carbon fiber in the field of environmental purification is still obvious.