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How Can I Dissolve Epoxy Resin?

Aug 05, 2020

Epoxy resin occupies a place in the market due to its excellent performance. Now many investors have taken a fancy to this field. Longcai New Materials has developed epoxy resin with its own characteristics and sold it at home and abroad. Today we will see how to dissolve epoxy resin.

1. Heat treatment, generally the epoxy resin for encapsulating PCB, because it needs to match the heat-resistant materials such as the capacitor on the PCB, so it will not use a system with too high temperature resistance, otherwise it will damage the parts during the high temperature process, so the encapsulated material It has a temperature resistance of only 80-90 degrees, so it can be baked at a high temperature of 130-150 degrees. At high temperatures, the epoxy resin will soften slightly and can be destroyed by mechanical force.

2. For chemical treatment, you can use strong solvents, such as dichloroethane (chemical raw materials are sold in shops, toxic, and use gloves in a ventilated place), soak the parts in it, which may take a while (several hours to several The days vary), because the epoxy resin of Longcai new material has good chemical resistance, so it can only be swollen, but it will not dissolve. After swelling, it becomes very weak, and it can be peeled off by hand. But as mentioned at the beginning, the coating of the enameled wire inside and the build-up made of epoxy resin will be destroyed. (Note: acetone is not enough to destroy epoxy resin) Heat treatment is more suitable for large parts, too large It takes a long time for the particles to be destroyed to the inner layer by the solvent. You can also combine 1 and 2 alternately. Gradually remove the encapsulated resin from the outside to the inside. As for the shell plastic, it is usually ABS or PBT, because it is mixed with the epoxy filled inside. The resin adhesion is not good, so just use a tool to peel it off.

The products produced by each manufacturer have their own unique characteristics, so you should consult carefully when choosing, so that you can buy the most suitable products for your own production.