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How Much Do You Know About The Advantages Of Using Resin Luminous Character Door Signboard

Jun 12, 2020

      LED resin luminous characters are composed of three parts: shell, filling material and luminous source. The LED acrylic luminous characters are composed of three parts: acrylic panel, luminous character box, and luminous character light source. Resin luminous characters are among luminous characters, because of its favorable price and simple process, it is very popular among the public. So what are the advantages of resin luminous characters compared to acrylic luminous characters?

      1. Advantages

      Multi-layer three-dimensional color registration patented resin luminous characters have a higher level of action, and three-dimensional appearance appears on the surface, together with rich colors and excellent visual impact. Together, it can produce three-dimensional concave sleeves, convex sleeves, multi-layer three-dimensional sleeves, drum faces, curved surfaces and other functions.

      2. Simple manufacturing process

      The resin luminous characters are integrally molded and hand-made, with high speed, and the luminous characters are formed in one hour per square meter. The manufacturing of acrylic plastic luminous characters requires opening molds, repairing molds, and finally making a metal sheet groove, painting, and then pressing out a surface with acrylic plates, and repairing the remaining edges, which is troublesome to manufacture.

      3. Cost advantage

      The cost of resin luminous characters per square meter shell is about 40 yuan, which is only equivalent to the cost of a plastic mold. If the light source is included, the cost is only about 100 yuan, so the manufacturing cost is very low, and it has certain advantages.

      4. Advantages of equipment investment

      The resin luminous characters are made by hand, no equipment investment is needed, so the investment is very small. Acrylic plastic luminous characters require large equipment investment, optical engraving machine, plastic machine tens of thousands of dollars.

      5. Color advantages

      The resin luminous characters are rich in color, and can be randomly adjusted by the color paddle. Acrylic colors are subject to certain restrictions.

      6. Quality advantage

      The resin luminous characters are cured at room temperature, and there will be no changes after molding, and the acrylic board is plasticized at high temperature and simply deformed at high temperature.