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How To Achieve The Protective Effect Of Anticorrosive Paint Coating

May 30, 2020

The coating formed by the anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the substrate to be dried and solidified has the following three protective functions. It has a shielding effect. According to the principle of electrochemical corrosion, the corrosion of steel must have the presence of oxygen, water and ions. As well as the way of ion conduction and partial conduction, the paint film prevents the existence of corrosive media and the surface of the material, and the resistance of the path that corrodes the battery increases resistance. The penetration rate of water, oxygen and ions to the paint film is different, and the penetration rate of water is far greater For ions and oxygen, there are few straight-through paint films, and their direct effect on the substrate metal can be ignored. The combination of high-density perchloroethylene paint and sprayed polyurea elastic coating is a representative of the latest generation of the latest international anti-corrosion technology. At present, the internationally noted oil pipeline companies all use polyurea anti-corrosion coatings. It is worth mentioning that spraying Polyurea elastic coatings are used for pipeline joints, and have excellent construction performance. Generally, straight pipe parts can maintain good continuity and integrity, so that the entire pipeline system is completely sealed without joints, which ensures the overall anti-corrosion performance of the pipeline. The biggest advantage of using this kind of coating is that the pipe to be coated does not need to be heated, and the polyurea is exothermic during molding.

Therefore, even if the surface temperature of the tube is very low, it can still be quickly formed and has good adhesion with the heat shrinkable sleeve. It can be connected with the heat shrinkable sleeve of the main pipe. The performance of the anticorrosion layer of the latex paint is good. The peel strength is 65. Traditional heavy anticorrosion The thickness of the coating needs to be ensured, which has achieved the purpose of high anti-permeation and anti-corrosion. Due to the low solid content of the solvent-based coating, the thickness of one spray is limited. Therefore, in order to achieve the required thickness specification, it is usually necessary to apply more. Polyurea elastomer and traditional spraying process have unique and rapid construction performance, and the material reaction speed is extremely fast. The area of spraying 100㎡ only takes 30min. The construction efficiency is very high, which avoids the shortcomings of pollution caused by general coating materials during construction and is affected by Huaning in the construction site, but it will increase the electrical conductivity of the paint film. The flake pigment can shield water, oxygen, ions and other corrosion factors in the coating. After that, the capillary holes in the coating are cut, and the scales that overlap each other are primed in the coating. The main flake pigments are mica powder, aluminum powder, mica iron oxide, and glass flakes.