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How To Choose The Resin Of FRP Car Bumper

Jun 06, 2020

Glass fiber reinforced plastic is commonly known as fiberglass. Reinforced plastic made with unsaturated polyester resin as the matrix is called unsaturated polyester resin glass fiber reinforced plastic, referred to as glass fiber reinforced plastic for short. With its low price, good manufacturability and good comprehensive performance after curing, it is more and more widely used in construction, anti-corrosion, shipbuilding, transportation, automobile industry, electrical appliance industry, etc.

The automotive industry can be used not only as decorative parts, but also as structural materials. Especially in small batch production, the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic products can reduce costs, shorten production cycles, reduce tooling costs, and improve part quality. Now more and more cars use glass fiber reinforced plastic parts.

The unsaturated polyester resin refers to a soluble organic polymer compound having a linear structure, a low molecular weight, and a repeating ester bond and unsaturated double bond in the main chain. The finished product is in a state of linear unsaturated polyester styrene solution, which cannot be stored for a long time. The cured product is a body structure copolymer of styrene and unsaturated polyester, which has the characteristics of insolubilization and insolubility. Due to the different molecular structures, the performance of their products is also different. Therefore, there are different resin grades, which can be divided into general-purpose type, anti-corrosion type, self-extinguishing type and heat-resistant type according to performance. Common types commonly used in the automobile industry are 306#, 307#, etc., which are hard and rigid, and can be used for glass fiber reinforced plastic products. 196# resin is a flexible resin, which can improve the brittleness of FRP products.

Therefore, 196# resin molding is mostly used in auto parts. Parts with special performance requirements can also use other types of resin, such as 7901#, 199#, etc