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How To Choose The Right Epoxy Floor According To The Classification Of Epoxy Resin Floor

Jun 12, 2020

Epoxy resin is an important raw material for epoxy resin floor, which has created many important properties of epoxy resin floor. Epoxy resin floor has many characteristics such as flat and seamless, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, beautiful, moisture-proof, impermeable, anti-static, anti-corrosion and so on.

Epoxy resin floor coating series include wear-resistant economic type, rolling surface pressure mortar type, self-leveling trowel surface type, anti-mold and antibacterial type, anti-static rolling surface type, anti-static self-leveling type, water-based breathable type, etc. Many people do not know how to choose a suitable epoxy resin floor. The following Dianyi Construction will introduce the general classification of epoxy resin floor.

1. Parking lot painting series (parking spaces, driveways, ramps)

2. Anti-corrosion coating series (anti-corrosion glass fiber type, anti-corrosion tank, strong acid and alkali resistant vinyl ester floor)

3. Wall coating series (epoxy dust-free wall paint, nano anti-mold antibacterial wall paint)

4. Sports court painting series (PU stadium, acrylic stadium)

5. Roof insulation coating series (sunscreen and heat insulation paint)

6. Other coating series (floor wax, penetrating seal hardening bright type anti-slip agent floor)

The epoxy resin floor is flat and seamless, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, acid and alkali-resistant, chemical-resistant, diverse in color, easy to clean, durable and strong in impact resistance. It is widely used in GMP pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, clean rooms; electronics factories, instrument control rooms, food processing plants, cold storage rooms, freezing room places, etc. I believe that through the above introduction, everyone has a deeper understanding of epoxy resin floor, you can choose the appropriate epoxy resin floor according to your needs.