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How To Clean Uncured Epoxy Resin

Aug 03, 2020

The classification of epoxy resin has not yet been unified. Generally, it is classified according to strength, heat resistance grade and characteristics. There are 16 main types of epoxy resin, including general-purpose glue, structural glue, temperature-resistant glue, low-temperature-resistant glue, underwater, and wet There are 16 types of surface glue, conductive glue, optical glue, spot welding glue, epoxy resin film, styrofoam, strain glue, soft material bonding glue, sealant, special glue, cured glue, and civil construction glue.


Uncured epoxy resin potting glue is more difficult to clean than silicone rubber. Epoxy glue with low viscosity can be wiped with a clean cloth poured with alcohol for many times, and the cleaning effect should be achieved; epoxy glue with high viscosity should be heated When the temperature is above 40 degrees, wipe it with alcohol clean cloth several times.

If there is uncured epoxy resin that is very difficult to clean, you can wipe it with a cloth dipped in acetone without damaging the device.