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How To Construct Epoxy Resin Glue Steel Glue

Aug 05, 2020

The produced epoxy resin is used within a certain range, of course, there are special operating specifications in which field it is used. Today we will talk about the epoxy resin glue construction.

1. Treat the surface of concrete in order to ensure that the base surface is flat, clean and dense.

2. Drilling and embedding bolts. The hole spacing is generally 20-40mm, and the distance from the end of the steel plate should be between 5-10mm.

3. Steel plate punching and surface treatment

4. With glue. The proportion must be mastered, the amount of glue should not be too much at one time, how much to use and how much to mix.

5. Paste. Apply glue on the surface of concrete and steel plate to bond.

6. Fix and pressurize. After the steel plate is glued, it can be clamped with u-shaped clamps or fixed with anchor bolts and pressurized appropriately.

7. Curing inspection, 24 hours after the steel plate is pressurized, a small hammer can be used to gently lift and paste the flat steel. If the curing area exceeds 90%, it is effective, otherwise it is invalid. Repost.

8. Some steel plates must be treated with anticorrosion.

The above are the rough operation steps. There may be a lot of details that need to be explored by yourself, but as long as you have confidence, you will be able to complete it well.