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How To Construct Vinyl Resin Scale Cement

Jun 17, 2020

How to apply vinyl resin flake cement? Before construction, should we first understand some characteristics of vinyl resin flake cement? Below is Kebao to explain some of the characteristics of vinyl resin scale cement?

1. The glass flake has good corrosion resistance. Since the glass flake mastic uses a matrix resin that is a high-performance vinyl resin, the vinyl resin has better temperature resistance and corrosion resistance than epoxy resin.

2. Lower penetration rate, glass flake cement, paint, high water vapor resistance rate, 6-15 times higher than ordinary epoxy resin cement, paint, 4 times higher than ordinary epoxy FRP.

3. Glass flake cement has strong bonding strength, bonding strength with steel plate ≥2.0mpa, bonding strength with concrete ≥2.5mpa, so glass flake cement liner coating is not easy to crack, delaminate, delaminate Or stripped. Good adhesion and impact strength, thus ensuring good corrosion resistance.

4. High temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance, the coating contains many glass flakes, so the difference in linear expansion coefficient between the coating and steel is eliminated. The linear expansion rate of the glass flakes is 11.5x10-6/℃, and the steel linear expansion The rate is 12x10-6/℃, which is similar between the two, so that the scale cement can adapt to the environment where the temperature suddenly changes and corrodes, such as FGD in the power system. Under certain abnormal conditions, the temperature of FGD at some stages can reach 200- At 250°C, we conducted a thermal shock test and placed the glass flake-coated mortar steel plate in 100°C boiling water and 0°C ice water for 1 hour each. After 100 times of sudden temperature change test, no abnormal phenomenon occurred.

5. The abrasion resistance is good. After the glass flake cement is cured, the hardness is higher and the abrasion resistance is good. The glass flake cement is wearable. If mechanical damage is received, the glass flake cement is also local and can be repaired in time.

6. Convenient construction, easy to ensure quality, high solid content, one-time construction can reach 1-1.5mm, after a few years of use of the coating, if damage occurs, only need to do simple treatment, and sustainable use will not be affected performance.

The glass flake resin anti-corrosion material is mainly composed of discontinuous glass flakes and viscous resin, which are mixed with special equipment and made of clay. Therefore, its construction work is applied to the surface to be protected by the builder with a trowel, ash knife and other tools according to a certain thickness, after defoaming and defoaming, compaction and calendering, and the glass scales are folded in a certain direction After arrangement and curing, the construction operation is similar to the construction plastering operation. However, due to the different characteristics of resins and cement materials and the different application purposes, the application of painting has higher and more difficult requirements than plastering.