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How To Correctly Distinguish Anion And Cation Exchange Resins?

Jul 18, 2020

 Now that there are many types of ion exchange resins, many people sometimes cannot distinguish the types of ion exchange resins correctly. The editor will now briefly introduce how to distinguish anion and cation exchange resins.

The first way to distinguish it is to soak it in saturated brine and stir it at the same time. Generally, it is about five minutes, and then wait for it to stand still. This period of time is generally half a time. Hours, and at this time there will be sediments, it is time to distinguish between anions and cations, sinking under the water is the cation, and floating on the water is the anion exchange resin, this method is generally the most common The most simple and practical.

   And the second method is to rinse it first, and the washing step is generally from the bottom up, letting the water drain from the bottom up, the purpose is to achieve the loosening effect of the resin, and the result of turning the resin up and down. This process generally lasts about 20 minutes, and finally all the water inside is drained until the resin settles. The cation resin is densely sinking underneath, and the cation is floating on it, which can clearly distinguish which are cations and which anions.