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How To Do The Tooling Resin

Release Time: Jan 23, 2018

1, two closing mold (mold according to the complexity of the product, equally divided or unequally divided into two, the rules are not detailed, a lot of content, one thing to note is that: the mold line is definitely not open The middle of the face, such as a standing person, then open the mold line from both shoulders.

2, semi and phantom (that is half the paging, half is a Siamese, such as a sitting frog, the predecessor of some complex buttocks back is smooth, this time can be used, the back of the smooth do not need to trim , And the front because of the relationship between the demolition of the mold and the other design, such as holding the chin, arm and chin has a hole in the mold line in the middle; if it is more than a small frog - for example, not necessarily a frog, there is no What is complicated, in the demolition of mold feasible situation, it also opened such a mold, but the mold line opened on both sides of the raised eyes, the mold above the eyes regardless, so eliminating the need for clamping the trouble);

3, the combined mold (meaning is not paged, completely integrated, sometimes in the edge of a separate small mouth demoulding, such as a semicircle product, or a simple photo frame, without the slightest complexity, this time to use, so only need Repair the bottom edge just fine, the hollow back cover is finished on the silicon film, the solid bottom of the mill.);

4, two petals at the end of a three-in-the-mold (such as a product more complex, life is the end of a boss, such as the candlestick, the bottom is the four corners, how to do it, And simply do a closed mold, Hollow hollow rocker even after curing, pulp base closure model), the general meaning is that the bottom is not flat, is complex, a small one can do when the closed mold, the expected material Into, quickly close the bottom cover, shake a few laps, so that the bottom cover attached material, and then take away, the mold into the vacuum machine, the bottom plate can not, because the bottom plate is usually made of silica gel bag, into the vacuum Will be broken, the product came out, if it is closed to shake up the small things, and quickly cover the bottom cover, tie with a belt, slightly tilted to the bottom edge of three to five laps, the purpose is to pass the body material, the bottom material, And then down, in order to insurance, and then again to stop, let the remaining material pouring head, rolling two to four laps, in order to pass through the body of material, and then a tree tendons, material flow to grasp the speed, then Keep rolling and tree rolling to harden, not too fast The material, the closed mold temperature is high, do a few dozen, quickly hardened, good grasp.

5, closed mold (that is completely closed meaning, of course, is also two pages, but does not require the back cover, such as the ball. This model is usually called blind mold, the meaning is blind, do not know where the stream flow inside. I think this is the simplest, but it is not the case, personally think this is the most difficult ball is the most typical blind model, of course, the most simple.