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How To Improve The Regeneration Capacity Of Ion Exchange Resin?

Jul 22, 2020

Ion exchange resin has great processing capacity. Because of its strong decolorization ability and a wide range of decolorization, it can effectively remove different ions in the raw water. Due to repeated recycling, the production input is greatly reduced. Today I will talk about ways to improve the regeneration capacity of ion exchange resins.

  The method to improve the regeneration ability of ion exchange resin is as follows:

  1. To select the best regeneration method in the regeneration operation, there are two commonly used regeneration methods, downstream regeneration and countercurrent regeneration, of which the countercurrent regeneration method is more effective.

   2. In the use of regenerating agent, the amount must be appropriate. If the amount is too small, the efficiency of the resin layer in the regeneration process will be greatly reduced.

  3. If the regeneration solution is used to regenerate the ion exchange resin, the concentration must be checked. Generally, the concentration between 6%-11% is the best concentration range.

   The above is the method to improve the regeneration capacity of ion exchange resin. The regeneration quality of ion exchange resin will directly affect the operating efficiency of water softening equipment. Therefore, in the regeneration stage of ion exchange resin, the amount and concentration of regenerant should be controlled.