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How To Make Epoxy Resin Luminous Characters

Aug 03, 2020

Method for making epoxy resin luminous characters

1. Make the font and arrange the line. Note: The interface between the circuit and the mold can be sealed with glass glue or silicone, and it must be sealed to avoid resin leakage.

2. The resin material with good casting. That is [3 parts A + 1 part B] Note: The resin liquid level is about 5mm from the top of the mold to stop casting. The thickness of the resin casting layer is about 2 cm. This layer is cast as a colorless and transparent cast layer. It can be called a light guide layer.

3. After the light guide layer is cured, cast the second layer, [A+B+ homogenizing agent + color paste, ie 3 parts A + 1 part B+ (2-3% of A) homogenizing agent + (0.5- of A) 1%) Color paste] is the second layer of resin system, this layer is filled with the entire font, called the homogenizing layer.

4. Natural temperature, or heating (50-60 degrees) curing to complete the curing of the uniform light layer.

5. Repair improper place.

6. Note: 1. The inner wall of the font can be coated with reflective paint to make the light emitted by the light source refract repeatedly inside the font to avoid the loss of the light source. 2. It is necessary to control the thickness of the light guide layer and the homogenizing layer. The above mentioned are resin luminous characters with a thickness of 2.5cm-3cm. 3. After A and B are mixed, they must be used up within 12 hours (it will gradually thicken during this time, if you feel that the consistency can be poured, you can continue to use), if you can't use it up, discard it Processing, do not return to A or B.


Some skills to pay attention to when operating


1. When the temperature environment is low, it is better that material A needs to be preheated to 50-60 degrees before it can be matched. This is to ensure easy operation and achieve the best results.

2. When mixing AB two materials, pay attention to the weight ratio (not the volume ratio), and the ratio must be accurate, otherwise it may be waste. This material cannot be reused.

3. Stirring equipment, weighing equipment, mixing container, etc. must be dry and clean.

4. When stirring, you need to stir in one direction (don't stir in both directions), try to be as slow as possible, don't move violently, this is to avoid excessive bubbles.

5. After stirring evenly, let it stand for 4-5 minutes before casting. (If there are still bubbles, you can pour the mixed glue into a larger container and let it stand for 4-5 minutes)

6. When casting, it is best to slowly let the resin mixture flow in along a corner, not to rush, so as to prevent the appearance of bubbles!


For example: Take 300g for component A, take 100g for component B, that is, A:B=3:1, you can start pouring after mixing and stirring! Imported homogenizing agent should be added to A. The added amount is 2-3% of the weight of A. If you can still see the light source in the resin word after the test, you need to increase the amount used. If you can’t see the light source, then explain The amount added is appropriate, or the amount added is too much. At this time, you need to consider reducing the amount to do the experiment. After a few experiments, you can get the best addition amount! The amount of color paste added is generally 1% of the weight of A, please test by yourself to get the best ratio.