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How To Properly Store And Use Unsaturated Polyester Resin?

Jun 10, 2020

We all know that temperature and sunlight will affect the storage time of unsaturated polyester resin. In fact, whether it is unsaturated polyester resin or ordinary resin, the storage temperature is 25 degrees Celsius in the current area as the best temperature. On this basis, the lower the temperature, the longer the effective period of unsaturated polyester resin; the higher the temperature, the shorter the effective period.

The resin needs to be sealed and stored in the original container to prevent monomer volatile loss and external impurities from falling into. And the lid of the packaging drum for storing resin can not be made of copper or copper alloy, it is best to use polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and other metal materials.

Generally speaking, under high temperature, just avoid direct sunlight to the packaging barrel. However, the storage period will still be affected, because in high temperature weather, the gel time of the resin will be shortened a lot, and if it is a poor quality resin, it will even solidify directly in the packaging barrel. Therefore, during high temperature, if conditions permit, it is best to keep it in an air-conditioned warehouse with a constant temperature setting of 25 degrees Celsius. If the manufacturer does not prepare an air-conditioned warehouse, it must be careful to shorten the storage time of the resin.

It is important to note that resins mixed with styrene must be treated as flammable hydrocarbons to prevent fire. All warehouses that store such resins must have very strict management, and do fire prevention and fire prevention work at any time.

Safety matters that must be paid attention to during the processing of unsaturated polyester resin in the workshop

1. Resin, curing agent and accelerator are flammable materials, and fire prevention must be paid attention to. Some accelerators and resins must be stored separately, otherwise they can easily cause an explosion.

2. There must be no smoking in the workshop and no open flames.

3. The production workshop must maintain adequate ventilation. There are two forms of workshop ventilation. One is to maintain indoor air circulation to eliminate volatile styrene at any time. Because the density of styrene vapor is larger than that of air, the concentration of styrene near the ground is also relatively high. Therefore, it is best to set the exhaust vent in the workshop close to the ground. The other is the local exhaust of the operation area with the aid of tools and equipment. For example, a separate exhaust fan is installed to extract the high-concentration styrene vapor discharged from the operation area, or the exhaust gas is exhausted through the main suction pipe provided in the workshop.

4. In order to deal with unexpected accidents, the production workshop must have at least two exits.

5. The resin and various accelerators stored in the production workshop should not be too much, it is best to store them in small amounts.

6. Resin that has not been used but has been added with accelerator should be transferred to a safe location for dispersion and storage to prevent the accumulation of a large amount of heat in the accumulation to cause an explosion and fire.

7. Once the leakage of unsaturated polyester resin will cause a fire, toxic gas will be discharged during this process to endanger human health, so emergency measures must be taken to deal with it.