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How To Reduce The Acid Value Of Polyester Resin

Aug 04, 2020

When we are doing polyester resin experiments, we will go through countless times of practice in the early stage to get the final result we want. What if the acidity of the polyester resin is increased? Today we will talk about the polyester resin acid. How to reduce the value.

Use a titration stand, a basic burette, a phenolphthalein indicator, an analytical balance, an Erlenmeyer flask, an analytically pure solvent used to dissolve the resin, and an ethanol solution of potassium hydroxide with a precise concentration. Accurately weigh a certain amount of resin, accurate to mg, dissolve it with a solvent, add 5 drops of indicator, and titrate with potassium hydroxide solution. After the solution turns pink and does not fade in 20 seconds, it is calculated based on the concentration of potassium hydroxide The number of milligrams of potassium hydroxide solution consumed is divided by the number of grams of resin. The unit of acid value is mgKOH/g.

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