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How To Remove Epoxy Resin?

Aug 05, 2020

The production of epoxy resin requires a lot of rigorous operations. Longcai New Materials strictly controls all production details to make the product more pure. There are also many skills when using the product, such as how to remove the epoxy resin?

There are three types of epoxy glue:

1. Before curing: You can wipe the surface of contaminated components with acetone, toluene or alcohol.

2. It is soft after curing: In this case, you can use a utility knife to dig out little by little.

3. It is hard after curing: In this case, you can only bake at high temperature and put the product filled with epoxy resin in the oven. The ordinary glue will soften under the condition of 150 degrees. Put on the gloves, put it in the oven or take it out while it is hot, and dig it bit by bit with a utility knife.

Note: Under normal circumstances, the cured epoxy resin is difficult to remove, even with some strong corrosive solvents.

Therefore, when using epoxy resin glue, be sure to carefully calculate where and area it will be used to prevent deviation.