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How To Remove The Dirt On The Anode Of The Anticorrosive Material?

Aug 10, 2020

Anode materials such as magnesium anodes and aluminum anodes are widely used in cathodic protection. In order to make magnesium metal work better, the quality of the anode materials must be tested to detect whether the anode surface is contaminated. So when there is contamination on the anode surface, what cleaning methods can be taken?

1. Grinding and rough polishing

Grinding and rough polishing-is to use emery cloth belt, emery cloth wheel, rotary milling, etc. to clean it. Among them, the emery cloth belt can be used to remove burrs and surface defects of die castings.

2. Dry sand shot blasting

Dry sand shot blasting-this method is one of the most commonly used methods for cleaning magnesium alloy castings. Generally, companies will choose silica sand, steel sand, glass balls or shredded zinc shots, aluminum shots, etc. for sandblasting. Can be used for surface cleaning before pickling. When sand or steel grit shot blasting is used, because steel grit is embedded in the magnesium surface, it is easy to cause surface corrosion problems. Dry sand shot peening needs to be acidic treatment before processing the magnesium anode surface.

3. Disc or grinding

Disc or grinding-This plot method is mainly used to plot the die casting lubricant and other surface contaminants on the surface of magnesium alloy die castings. It is usually used in combination with a detergent, and it has a certain degree of polishing while cleaning the surface. effect.

4. Wire brush

Wire brush-The wire brush can clean the middle of the magnesium alloy plate and remove oxides before arc welding or resistance welding. In order to ensure the cleaning effect of the wire brush, the pressure should be appropriate to improve the quality of the anode.