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How To Repair Marble With Unsaturated Resin

Jun 15, 2020

Marble is a high-grade stone, but the main component of the stone is calcium carbonate. It will inevitably cause oxidation, weathering, wear, cracks and other unsightly phenomena after a long time of use. The average person will not easily deal with these flawed stones and surfaces. Most people will choose to repair these distressing wear and tears, but many repair agents contain harmful ingredients. Did you know that unsaturated resins can repair marbles? And unsaturated resins repair marbles have the following advantages:


1. Marble waterproof and oil-proof enhanced;

2. Mechanical tensile strength and compressive strength increase;

3. The surface finish improves after grinding and polishing;

4. Effectively make up for the material itself, for example, the color is more uniform and more gorgeous.