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Import The Required Raw Materials In A Vacuu

Jul 24, 2020

When preparing to start the test of vacuum introduction, first choose the appropriate resin, whether it is epoxy resin or unsaturated polyester resin. The resin of the vacuum introduction process cannot be replaced by ordinary resins. It has special requirements for viscosity, gel time, exothermic peak, wettability, etc. Please consult the resin supplier for details.

Curing system

   If it is epoxy resin, use its corresponding special curing agent; the commonly used curing agent for unsaturated resin is methyl ethyl ketone peroxide. The quality of different manufacturers is different. When selecting them, they should not affect the quality of the entire product because of the small amount of materials.

Vacuum import process diagram

Reinforced material

The commonly used reinforcement materials are glass fiber and carbon fiber. Such as composite seam felt, single cloth, etc., the specific design should be based on mechanics. It is best to do an experiment when choosing, what is the permeability, because the infiltration of the resin will be different due to the infiltration agent and adhesive used in the manufacturing process of the fiber, resulting in a great difference in the mechanical properties of the final product.

Sandwich material

Generally used are Balsa wood, PVC foam, PUR/PIR foam, core felt, etc. Choose suitable sandwich materials according to the needs of the product.

Equipment, auxiliary materials

Vacuum pump, interface, pressure gauge, diversion tube, release cloth, diversion cloth, vacuum bag, etc. The materials used in the vacuum introduction process cannot be used casually, and each material must be confirmed by experiments to determine whether it is suitable.