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Influence Of Construction Environment On Resin Curing

Jul 13, 2020

The construction environment has a great influence on the curing of the resin. The higher the ambient temperature during construction, the shorter the gelling and curing time. Sometimes the application temperature is increased by 10℃, which can shorten the gel time by nearly 1/2. If the temperature of the construction environment is too low, it is easy to cause permanent undercuring. Although the resin can gel at low temperature, the macromolecules formed after gelation cannot move. Because there is not enough exothermic peak temperature, the curing agent continuously releases free radicals, making the chain cross-linking reaction difficult to proceed, which eventually leads to permanent Undercured.

It is generally required that the construction temperature is not lower than 15°C and the relative humidity is not greater than 80%.

Generally, in order to fully cure the resin, it is best to perform high-temperature post-curing treatment after curing molding.

Post-curing treatment method: it can be processed at 40℃ for 2 hours, 60℃ for 2 hours, and 80℃ for 4 hours. (If conditions permit, it can be better to treat at 100-120℃ for 2 hours.) And then curing at room temperature for 24 hours Put it into use again. If the construction unit does not have heat treatment conditions, it can be cured at room temperature for 1 month after construction (the maintenance time should be appropriately extended when the ambient temperature is low), so that it is fully cured and then put into use. This is especially important for curing resins for corrosion-resistant applications.