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International New Research And Development: Fast And Lightweight Full Carbon Fiber Catamaran Sailing Yacht

Aug 28, 2020

The 332-foot (101-meter) futuristic hydrofoil catamaran design made by Nemesis Yachts made its debut. The "Nemesis One" model will be a fast luxury sailing yacht that can ride on an intelligently controlled hydrofoil and break the speed record of 50 knots.

The all-carbon Nemesis One model has a futuristic and comfortable interior. The high-tech superyacht is driven by VPLP Design's patented "OCEANWINGS" wing sail, which is more like a stealth fighter than a traditional sailing yacht.

Sailing yachts can sail at super high speeds, so the Nemesis team completely abandoned the classic business philosophy: "pull and steer sails."

In order to further reduce personnel requirements, they adopted the most advanced hydraulic and electrical controls throughout the design process. When considering a large sailing yacht, one usually thinks of replacing the cockpit-sized winch with the size of the tires and chaotic lines.

One of the cornerstones of the design is the fully autonomous VPLP Oceanwings wing sail, which powers the Nemesis One. The wing can automatically adjust the angle of attack, camber and twist angle, eliminating the need for manual sail trimming. In addition, the efficiency of reef and retractable wing sails is 2.6 times higher than that of conventional sails of the same size.

However, most high-performance motor yachts will not be affected when flying over water at speeds of more than 50 knots, without sacrificing safety and comfort. Nemesis One will be equipped with the latest generation of smart LiDar (Lidar) sensors to accurately capture the surrounding environment of the yacht. LiDar will also monitor the current sea conditions in real time, especially wave height, shape and frequency. All collected data will be processed by the yacht's main engine and converted into precise control commands for the automatic hydrofoil and rudder, so that the yacht is stable and safe at any given speed.

Nemesis One provides an option to replace the port and starboard living cabins with living cabins with different internal configurations. For example, easily convert the internal layout from owner to rental setup. In order to further improve her performance, two modules can be completely deleted, and the already very fast yacht can be converted to the "ultra-light racing mode" configuration.

Even if there is no wind, Nemesis One will still be a zero-emission environmentally friendly ship. The yacht is powered by retractable hydrogen electric thrusters and does not require any fossil fuels. In addition to hydrogen fuel, solar panels up to 750 square meters/8073 square feet will also generate up to 150kW of power to charge the yacht’s batteries.