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Introduce Many Types Of Amino Baking Paint Water-based Resin

Jun 05, 2020

As the name implies, amino baking paint water-based resin refers to a coating that uses an amino resin as a cross-linking agent, is mixed with other matrix resins, and is baked at a certain temperature to form a tough three-dimensional structure coating. It is also a kind of water-based paint, divided by type, usually can be divided into 6 categories. In the following, we will take three of them as examples to give you a detailed introduction.

Type one, water-based polyester resin W811-75

This type of amino baking paint water-based resin has excellent comprehensive performance, which can be used in the protection of steel pipe fittings, the coating of electric vehicles, the iron guardrails, and hardware decoration.

Type two, water-based polyester resin W821-70

This type of water-based resin has a very high gloss and fullness, at the same time has excellent flexibility and comprehensive performance, can be used as a high-end decorative topcoat or varnish.

Type three, water-based acrylic resin W140-40

This type of resin is mainly used in mechanical metal parts, vehicle parts, hardware tools, etc. They have good comprehensive performance, and also have excellent adhesion, weather resistance and hardness, and good flexibility.

In the above, we introduced three different types of amino baking varnish water-based resins, and at the same time, they also briefly introduced their product properties and comprehensive effects. I believe you will have a deeper understanding of this type of resin material after reading. If you have any need in this regard, please contact us in time.