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Inventory: Selection Method Of Polycarbonate Board

Aug 12, 2020

PC sunshine board is made of polycarbonate as the main raw material. It is a new high-quality decorative material with high strength, light transmission, sound insulation and energy saving widely adopted in the world for polycarbonate boards. In recent years, some domestic manufacturers have produced a large number of recycled materials and low-quality solar panels flooding the market in order to meet the needs of demolition customers. Due to the misleading of dealers, customers cannot distinguish whether the solar panels are true or not. There are probably several kinds of sunshine board distinguishing techniques, and you have to use them flexibly in the actual purchase. It is recommended to buy products with a ten-year warranty on brand new materials. Only brand new PC materials can be guaranteed.

Regarding the basic method of distinguishing the quality of the sun board, first look at the transparency. The best sun board has a light transmittance of about 94%. The lower the price of the transparent sun board canopy, the more recycled materials are added. Ugly. You have to open the protective film to see the board. The board with no impurities and no particles is a new raw material. On the contrary, if there are impurities and foreign substances, recycled materials are added. The more recycled materials are added, the more obvious the impurities, the worse the quality of the board. Look at the thickness of the upper and lower walls, the thicker the material, the higher the specific gravity polycarbonate material, the higher the cost, and the better the quality of the board. This method is also the same as the method of weighing the unit area of the solar panel.

In addition, pay attention to the bending of the sunlight plate sample. The more brittle and fragile the quality of the plate, the PC (polycarbonate) plate has better toughness. If the plate is very easy to break, it means that it is not a pure PC material, that is, it is added with recycled materials. Sun board. If the PE protective film on the surface of the sun board is better and does not fall off, it means that the equipment technology is not backward or the manufacturer's production attitude is more rigorous. Look at the flatness of the board. On the one hand, a flat board means that the upper and lower walls are thicker, the material is sufficient, and it is not easy to deform. On the other hand, the equipment and technology are better. If the board has waves, it means that the sun board technology is not mature or up and down. The wall is relatively thin. There is a big price gap between the sun panels of the same specification and different brands of sun panels, and there must be a problem with the low price sun panels.