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Japan Printing And Developing Film Resin Glass Can Reach 5 Billion Yen In 2020

Jun 16, 2020

   Currently, automakers are working hard to reduce the weight of the body. Under such circumstances, expectations for plastic glass such as polycarbonate, which is excellent in impact resistance, thermal insulation and lighter than glass, are increasing.

  DNP said it is working hard to expand its automotive-related businesses that take advantage of printing technology.

  Da Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. has developed lightweight Plexiglas with curved surface processing, excellent performance, and suitable for curved rear windows of automobiles and the like. DNP will sell this curved Plexiglas for mobile applications such as cars, buses, and railway vehicles, and plans to reach 5 billion yen in sales in fiscal 2020.

  In February 2016, Dainippon Printing developed the "DNP weather-resistant super-hard coating transfer film" to transfer the hard coating to the surface of polycarbonate and other resins to improve weather resistance, resistance to sunlight, wind and rain.

After that, in January 2017, Dainippon Printing developed and improved the "curved Plexiglas" of the transfer film to improve the followability of the curved surface. It can also be used in curved shapes such as car sunroofs, reducing processing costs and having It has the same transparency as glass, and excellent impact resistance and safety.

In addition to supplying this product to automobiles, Dainippon Printing will also develop a Plexiglas rear window with functional components such as a roof spoiler, tail lamp cover, etc., to further improve the workability of curved surfaces to cope with the weight reduction of electric vehicles, etc. demand.