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Japan Will Impose A 37.2% Anti-dumping Duty On Flame Retardants Used In China For Building Insulation Materials

Sep 12, 2020

Japan’s Ministry of Finance announced on June 12 that it temporarily initiated anti-dumping duties on imported products from China for flame retardants used in building insulation materials. Japan believes that China's improper low-price exports have caused damage to Japanese domestic industries.

The Ministry of Finance’s tariff and foreign exchange review committee finalized the report on the need to initiate anti-dumping duties, and submitted it to the Ministry of Finance on the 12th. The decree will be finalized at the cabinet meeting in June at the earliest, and the tax rate of 37.2% will be implemented within 4 months after the announcement.

The target is an additive called phosphorous flame retardant (TCPP), which is used in building thermal insulation materials. It is also used in insulation materials for refrigerators and vending machines. Chinese companies are forming monopolies, and only the Dahachi chemical industry produces in Japan.

If domestic production in Japan becomes difficult, it is expected that there will be a state of dependence on China. The Japanese government believes that it needs to be protected as soon as possible by initiating temporary measures.