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Love A Small Family, Care For Everyone, No Boundaries, No Limit. Zhangzhou Yabang Chemical Co., Ltd. Successfully Completed Its Activities In 2018.

Oct 04, 2018

"Love a small family, care for everyone, no boundaries, no limit". Zhangzhou Yabang Chemical Co., Ltd. successfully complete


From September 19th to 22nd, 2018, in the late summer and early autumn, the end of the summer, the night of the night, the most beautiful year, Zhangzhou Yabang Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhangzhou Xinyang Technology Co., Ltd. launched "love small family Gu homeless The mid-year activities with the theme of “Limited Unlimited”, this year's activities are rich in content, mainly including mid-year sales conferences, theme training, two-day expansion of Jiangxi Shicheng and theme evenings.


        01. September 19th event

- External training sharing meeting, mid-year sales meeting, technical exchange meeting

On the afternoon of September 19th, the company's leaders, middle management personnel, all business personnel and sales training teachers held the "Sales Iron Army" Foreign Training Sharing Conference, "Middle-term Sales Conference" and "Technology Exchange Conference" in Zhangzhou Hotel.

Xinyang business elites shared the main content of the "selling iron army" course, and combined with their own business situation, from how to build trust with customers, understand customer needs and desires, competitor analysis, transaction, after-sales service, etc. understanding. General Manager Shi Yiwen affirmed the exchange of training results and pointed out that the best sales are to sell themselves to themselves and sell sales to themselves. In today's fierce market competition, Xinyang business team should continuously improve its business capabilities and pay attention to it. Customer needs to provide solutions for customers.

In the mid-year sales conference and technical exchange meeting, Yan Jinfang, the sales person in charge, made detailed reports on the overall sales situation in 2017 and January-August 2018, from the application fields, market segments in each region, and the situation of each salesperson. Analysis, technical leader Hou Hui made a detailed analysis of the current development of the national unsaturated polyester resin industry and provided insights. General Manager Shi Yiwen concluded that in recent years, the resin industry has become more and more productive. Zhangzhou Yabang needs to take care of “watermelon and sesame”. Every market and every customer should try their best.

"sales iron army" foreign training sharing


                                  02. September 20

-"Professional Business Etiquette and Professional Quality Improvement"

                             Special training


In order to enhance the company's overall business image and enhance its own quality and business capabilities, Zhangzhou Yabang held a special training on "Practical Business Etiquette and Professional Quality Improvement". About 60 second-line employees and some front-line employees of the company participated in the training. The training was given by the senior business etiquette trainer Xue Yu.

Etiquette is a concrete manifestation of a team's service quality and corporate culture. Etiquette and professionalism are to be both internal and external, to maintain inner integrity and kindness, and then to focus on instrumental dress and words and deeds. Teacher Xue Yu explained the contents of action etiquette, communication etiquette, reception etiquette and table manners in a simple way, and demonstrated the etiquette of standing, sitting, shaking hands, etc., and motivated the staff to carry out on-the-spot exercises, humorous and appropriate words. The scene was applauded and the atmosphere was very active.


The Xinyang team has further established the concept of business etiquette, which is very helpful for employees to build a good professional image and enhance their business image. It is believed that the Xinyang team will serve customers with a better image in the future work and further enhance the good brand image of Zhangzhou Yabang.

                            03.September 21~22

-Jiangxi Jiuzhai Hot Spring, Tongtianzhai two-day expansion, theme party


  1. Hot springs, water parks, free communication

On the morning of September 21, the Xinyang team and their families boarded the bus in Shicheng, Jiangxi Province. It took more than 4 hours to reach the Jiuzhai Hot Spring Hotel in Shicheng at noon. After lunch, everyone took a break and then “grouped” hot springs and water park activities. . After two days of meetings and study, as well as a long journey of nearly half a day, everyone's nervous nerves can finally be relaxed. In this relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, everyone exchanges and talks about topics such as work, family, and life. Every member of the Xinyang team has formed this big family. Everyone wins, mad, loses, and together!

2."Love a small family, care for everyone, no boundaries, no responsibility"

微信图片_20181004103141_副本.jpgAfter dinner, everyone hangs the banner, pulls up the lanterns, erects the projections, sets the tables and chairs, puts moon cakes, drinks, fruits and other foods, and prepares them for the party. Autumn is getting colder, and Shicheng is getting thunderstorms at night, but this can't ruin the enthusiasm of the Xinyang team. It only needs an open space. Although there is no moon, it is a full moon in Xinyang.

A thunder, the scene was dark, but this did not disturb our rhythm, with the help of mobile phone flashlights and battery lights, accidentally inserted before the party theme "Xinyang male and female compatriots PK" v


At the end of the call, after the video of "I believe that Xinyang will create miracles", this theme party of "Love the Family, Unlimited and Responsible for All" officially began. The evening party is mainly in a free form and interactive.

First of all, the exchange of "practical business etiquette and professional quality improvement" training sentiment, everyone enthusiastic to speak, unanimously believe that this training has learned a lot of knowledge, in the future work, life will be used to apply.

Secondly, everyone has had an in-depth exchange on the topic of "home". This event has new people who have just joined the Xinyang team, as well as the family members of the Xinyang team. Everyone is open to heart and heart, and the scene is very touching.

Compassion from family members


Fan Long's wife: The husband usually works very busy. He was hospitalized some time ago. He visited the second line of Zhangzhou Yabang and sent a blessing. Thanks to the big family of Xinyang, I am very proud to be a member of this big family.

Compassion from family members


The wife in charge of security said: Because of the post, the husband is more cumbersome and has less time at home, but as a wife, I unconditionally support the work of my husband. I am a "little family", he is "everyone", and we are together "To contribute.

The voice of a new colleague


I have just been in the company for a few days, but I was attracted by the company's culture. I am very fortunate and very happy to join the new family of Xinyang. I will work hard in my own position and contribute my strength to Xinyang.


Everyone expressed their understanding and views on the theme of this event.

Episode: September 21 coincides with the birthday of a new colleague, everyone presents her birthday song


Personally presented "Birthday Mooncake" for History

At the end of the exchange, General Manager Shi made a summary. The company carried out the mid-year activities of the theme of "Love a small family, and everyone has no boundaries and no limits". I hope everyone can feel the warmth of this big family. Now many jobs are busy, we don't Advocating the small family for everyone, we want everyone to care for everyone, we must love, in Xinyang, small family, everyone has no boundaries, everyone is dedicated to Xinyang, Xinyang also warms the small family.


General Manager Shi said,

The third program is a small piece of performance performed by the Supply and Marketing Section. The essay is designed with the communication of Xinyang salesman, technician and customer. In the humorous atmosphere, everyone feels the dedication of the Xinyang team.


Piece scene

At the Mid-Autumn Festival, the company organized the “Bo cake” activity in southern Fujian.


In a laughter, the activity is coming to an end, and Gereral Manager has summed up:

Home, is the day: rough tea, sweet and sour, over simple, ordinary days; family is happy, accompanied by the order.

Home, is deeply concerned: because there is a home, because of the deep concern, life will not wither because of no roots.

Home, a friend who is silently accompanying, is not a cold house, not a space where materials are piled up, but a place where you can be healed by injuries. It is a place where you can cry and indulge.

Home, is a landscape that will never be seen: even if it is so dull, can look at the smiles of loved ones, it will never look tired.

Home, Bao Gaitou covered the cold wind and cold rain outside, a horizontal and three squats are the expectations of the family, the two outwards are the look of the people outside the home, a vertical hook tied the whole family tightly together. No matter the size, rich or poor, it is the place that makes you feel most comfortable!

Dear friend, may you have the happiest home!

3. Tongtianzhai scenic area mountaineering

On the morning of September 22, the Xinyang team set off from the Tongtianzhai scenic spot nearby. The autumn is high and the scenery is pleasant. The air is still with the summer enthusiasm. While walking in this canyon, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Summary: The short three-and-a-half-day event brought a lot of laughter and inspiration to the Xinyang team's family, let us more deeply understand the meaning of "love small family, care for everyone, home without boundaries, and responsibility for unlimited". In the future, Xinyang team will work harder to improve self-service quality and self-cultivation, build a positive, cohesive and efficient team, and unite to bring better products and better services to our customers. Work together and help each other. I wish the Xinyang family happy Mid-Autumn Festival!