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Low-viscosity Overestimated Natural Stone Repair Program

Jul 28, 2020

How to repair low-viscosity, overestimated natural stone with low cost? There are many troubles in repairing natural stone, such as:

1. Insufficient penetrating power, difficult to operate at low temperature

2. Late contraction and subsidence

3. Easy to fall off after sanding

4. Ordinary resin has low brightness, and the cost of changing to epoxy AB glue is high

What are the characteristics of low-viscosity and high-solid natural stone repair resin:

1. Strong structural rigidity and high resin hardness

2. Low viscosity, good permeability, comparable to AB glue

3. If the surface is dry, apply a thin coating of 25, 1.5 hours to completely dry the surface

4. High bonding strength with stone, 30% higher than traditional resin

Our solution has a good repair effect and saves costs

1. Strong filling: high resin solid content, small shrinkage, and integrated with stone

2. The surface quality of the product is good: the sheet has high gloss, which greatly improves the product grade

3. Low overall cost: convenient operation and high efficiency; no need to add styrene, reducing material cost, thin coating surface drying well, resin saving 10%