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Manufacturing Method Of Artificial Stone Resin Plate

Jun 23, 2020

Resin artificial stone can be used to make handicrafts, decorations, sanitary ware or as a building decoration material. The artificial stone culture stone of the present invention has a light-transmitting property. It is made of pure natural inorganic materials and does not evaporate harmful organic substances.

1. Manufacturing method of artificial stone plate

Artificial stone Cultural stone The manufacturing method of artificial stone plate adopts double-layer structure. The upper layer is a mixture of resin and transparent glass particles or transparent quartz fine particles, and the lower layer is a mixture of color materials, stone materials and resin.

The characteristics of artificial stone plates are:

Due to the principle of light reflection and refraction, the product has high gloss, transparency and deep sense. The tone of marble or granite is very obvious and feels very gorgeous. The invention fully utilizes the waste materials of the natural stone industry and other industries to realize fully automated production.

Artificial stone Cultural stone The manufacturing method of artificial stone plate is:

(1) Take 90~93% stone material and 7~10% resin according to weight percentage, add curing agent and accelerator, and stir for 5 minutes;

(2) Feed the evenly mixed mixture into the lower mold of the molding machine, close the upper and lower molds at high pressure, the pressure is 12.5MPa, the upper mold temperature is 115~135℃, the lower mold temperature is 85~105℃, after 5 minutes, Curing and molding, sent to the oven for 24 hours of heating and curing, the temperature is 80 ~ 100 ℃, or placed in a flat pile for natural solidification.

2. Manufacturing method of artificial stone mirror panel

Artificial stone Cultural stone Artificial stone mirror panel includes surface layer and primer layer.

The material used for the artificial stone mirror panel is a mixture of inorganic gel material, polymer latex, fiber material and aggregate particles.

The manufacturing methods of artificial stone culture stone artificial stone mirror panel mainly include: weighing various raw materials for batching, mixing and stirring, mold assembly, primary molding (surface layer), secondary molding (bottom layer), vibration compaction, maintenance, demoulding, Surface stabilization and gloss treatment.

The artificial stone mirror panel has light weight, high strength, thermal insulation, sound absorption, and high surface gloss. It can be used as ceiling, wall panel, stone bench surface, stone tabletop, etc.

3. The manufacturing method of imitation jade artificial stone.

It is made by mixing quartz sand, feldspar powder, cristobalite, barite, quartz stone, sodium fluorosilicate, sodium nitrate, white arsenic, borax, soda ash, zinc oxide and bone powder in a certain proportion and firing it in a glass furnace. Paste, then injection molding, and then the forming material is annealed to cool down to ambient temperature.

Manufactured imitation jade artificial stone, artificial marble, cultural stone, artificial culture stone has high strength, strong resistance to bending and impact, uniform texture, and good finish. Comparable with jade, the finished product can be made into pure white, moon white, beige and other colors. Can be made into a variety of building decoration materials, such as wall and floor tiles, stone columns, stone lions and so on.

1. Artificial stone and its manufacturing method and use.

Artificial stone Artificial stone Cultural stone Artificial cultural stone contains the following components:

SiO260.0-77.34% by weight, Al2O313.0-20.0% by weight, K2O0.13-13.0% by weight, Na2O1.0-11.5% by weight, CaO0.06-0.77% by weight, Fe2O30-0.7% by weight, MgO0.01- 2.14% by weight, TiO2 0.01-0.09% by weight, based on the total weight of artificial stone artificial stone culture stone artificial culture stone.

The artificial stone has light-transmitting properties under the irradiation of visible light.