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Mask Production In June Or Cool Down

May 14, 2020

In 020, no product could affect people's nerves like a mask. When the weather is getting hotter and the epidemic situation is stabilizing, when will the turning point for mask production appear? Where will China's huge mask production capacity go?

Shenzhen Medical is the leading enterprise in the mask industry in China, and its well-known "Cotton Age" is its sub-brand. Steady medical masks have 30 years of experience. In the early stage of the outbreak, masks are in short supply. It is N95 masks, medical surgical masks and protective clothing produced by Steady Medical that provide protection for the frontline anti-epidemic personnel in hospitals such as Vulcan Hill and Thor Shenshan . During the epidemic, Steady Medical produced a total of 400 million masks to provide "weapons" for the anti-epidemic battlefield.

To talk about the story of Chinese masks, Li Jianquan, President of Steady Medical and General Manager of the Cotton Age, is undoubtedly the best narrator. Recently, Li Jianquan accepted an exclusive interview with all media reporters from Guangzhou Daily.

30 years of accumulated experience

Wenjian Medical Headquarters is located in Wenjian Industrial Park, Longhua District, Shenzhen. The top domestic mask production line is also located here. The mask machine that the reporter saw on the spot can directly make five different materials into masks, and the whole process was automated. Li Jianquan told reporters that this production line was put into operation in March of this year and can produce 400 masks in one minute.

To approach the mask production line, you need to go through a series of complicated procedures, including one hand washing and two sterilization, as well as wearing a tight protective suit. It is this rigorous disinfection and sterilization process that guarantees a high standard of masks, which is the accumulation of 30 years of production experience in stable medical treatment.

Li Jianquan told reporters that Steady Medical was established in 1991, and this year is just 30 years old. The Japanese have a long-standing habit of wearing face masks. The earliest stable medical treatment was the production of gauze masks, which were exported to Japan. Later, it was gradually changed to produce non-woven masks.

At that time, the demand for masks was not high, and there were few domestic manufacturers of masks. Steady Medical was one of them. The opportunity for steady medical growth appeared in 2003. The SARS epidemic made masks a tight commodity for the first time. SARS virus particles are nano-scale, and ordinary gauze and non-woven masks cannot provide good protection. Robust Medical has added meltblown cloth to the mask. This high-quality mask quickly occupied the market and won a good reputation for Robust Medical. Word of mouth.

Since then, Steady Medical has grown into a leading enterprise in the production of masks in China. In addition to providing masks to domestic medical institutions, there are also a large number of exports. In the early stage of the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia, masks were in short supply. It was the N95 masks, medical surgical masks and protective clothing of the stable medical treatment that provided protection for the frontline anti-epidemic personnel in the hospitals of Vulcan Mountain, Raytheon Mountain, Wuhan Tongji and Wuhan Union.

Never thought the mask market would be so big

"After 30 years of masks, I never expected that the market for masks would be so big!" Li Jianquan said this in an interview with reporters.

Just entered 2020, Li Jianquan suddenly found that the demand for masks had increased. Generally, before the Spring Festival holiday of every year, Steady Medical will increase a certain amount of inventory to cope with the supply of the holiday, but this year began to be in short supply, Li Jianquan said: "At that time, I felt that there may be some special circumstances."

After the battle against epidemic was launched, on January 21, Steady Medical issued an official statement promising not to increase the price, and consumers are welcome to report it. After Wuhan “closing the city” on January 23, Steady Medical handed over all the epidemic prevention products to the Hubei Provincial Prevention and Control Command for unified deployment. On January 30, Steady Medical opened a "second battlefield" in Shenzhen, organized the production of protective clothing, N95 masks, medical surgical masks, and medical nursing masks. The equipment was installed in 10 days, and it was produced in 15 days, from February to April. Wenjian Medical delivered 93.9 million medical surgical / nursing masks to Shenzhen.

At the beginning of the year, there were more than 20 mask machines from Stable Medical, with a daily output of about 2 million masks. Today, there are 130 mask machines and the daily output is as high as 8 million to 10 million. Li Jianquan said: "I told our employees at the beginning of the epidemic that the epidemic is the battlefield, and the masks are the weapons. Our companies are arsenals, and we must devote ourselves to the battle wholeheartedly. Although we are not frontline anti-epidemic medical personnel, but We must make more and better weapons to support the front. "

In the production process of cotton spunlace non-woven fabrics, Steady Medical has both domestic patents and international patents in the United States, European Union, Japan, Brazil, India and other places. The masks produced have a good reputation. As the sub-brand of Steady Medical, "Cotton Age", in this capacity expansion, has it ushered in a brand marketing opportunity?

In this regard, Li Jianquan said: "Now is not the time to do brand marketing. This is a national war against epidemic, we only want to produce more masks to support the front line, and did not do any advertising during the outbreak. Some communities are responsible. "

The mask manufacturing industry will usher in elimination and upgrade

After the outbreak, a large number of enterprises and capital entered the mask production field. Li Jianquan told reporters that 90% of the mask manufacturing enterprises are now "partners".

"This is no longer a normal business." Li Jianquan understood this way. He said, "The epidemic has led to extreme demand for masks. When the epidemic is brought under control, the business is gone, so it is not sustainable."

When will this fanatical phenomenon in mask production cool down? Li Jianquan's judgment was in June. "As the weather gets hotter, the production capacity of masks becomes more and more saturated. I think that after June, the production of masks will cool down."

After the epidemic, how to deal with the excess capacity of masks? This is a topic that everyone is generally concerned about. Before interviewing Li Jianquan, the reporter interviewed some people who were temporarily engaged in the production of masks. The most representative answer was: "The investment has already been paid back. Now the machine is making money every day it is turned on, and when the money is not made, the machine is thrown away. Enter the warehouse. "

As an old-fashioned mask manufacturer, the answer of Steady Medical is not like this. Li Jianquan's answer is that elimination is an inevitable way out of excess capacity. And companies like Steady Medical will take advantage of this opportunity to carry out an industrial upgrade. In Li Jianquan ’s plan, after the epidemic, Steady Medical will eliminate a number of backward machines, and at the same time concentrate engineers and R & D personnel to use artificial intelligence technology for industrial upgrading。

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