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Matters Needing Attention In The Construction Of Anticorrosive Floor

Jun 19, 2020

In the construction of anti-corrosion floor, the phenomenon of air bubbles in the floor is often encountered. What caused this? The editor has a good understanding of the vinyl resin anti-corrosion construction, mainly due to the following reasons:


1. The construction ground is not cleaned, and dust is also attached.

2. The construction site is outdoors, the weather is hot, and the sun is directly exposed to the sun, causing the resin to separate from the floor.

3. The ground of the base layer is damp, and blisters cannot be excluded in the anti-corrosion resin layer.

Antiseptic floor

In summary, special attention should be paid to dust, high temperature, and water in the anti-corrosion construction. In order to effectively prevent the generation of bubbles, we can do some defensive measures in the early stage. If you make a waterproof layer, you can effectively avoid blisters caused by moisture on the ground. You can also choose a resin with strong adhesion and adhesion, which can effectively bond with the base layer. Shangwei vinyl resin is the first choice for anti-corrosion floor construction, with strong anti-corrosion performance and high adhesion.

Pay attention to the subsequent protection after the construction of the anti-corrosion floor. It should not be stressed by heavy objects within three days after the construction. It can only be used after the floor is completely dry.