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My Country's Epoxy Resin Competitiveness Gradually Improved

Jul 07, 2020

The industrial production of epoxy resin in my country started in 1958 and has a history of more than 50 years. However, the development has been slow before the 1980s. After 2000, my country's epoxy resin industry began large-scale construction and production. At present, China has become the world's largest producer and consumer of epoxy resin. In 2012, most epoxy resin products were included in the "double pollution" range of "high pollution" and "high environmental risk" by the state, slowing down the development of epoxy resins. At present, manufacturers in the industry are also committed to strengthening environmental protection measures in order to meet environmental protection requirements.

   Analysts pointed out that the total production capacity of epoxy resin in my country was 2.05 million tons per year in 2013, and the new production capacity was mainly from Guodu Chemical Company. The overall domestic epoxy resin is in a situation of oversupply. China's epoxy resin production capacity is scattered, there are more than 100 production enterprises, and the current large-scale production enterprises with a production capacity of more than 100,000 tons are mainly South Asia Epoxy Resin (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Sanmu Group (000632, Share Bar) Co., Ltd., These are Baling Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yangnong Jinhu Chemical Group, and Taiwan Changchun (Changshu) Chemical Co., Ltd. In 2013, with the increase of domestic environmental protection, it has a greater impact on the production of solid epoxy resins. Some resin factories in Shandong have been ordered to reduce or even stop production, and the local operating rate has remained around 20-30% for a long time.

  The consumption of epoxy resin in my country is mainly used in the field of coatings, electrical and electronic, both account for 75% of the total consumption of epoxy resin, and the other 25% is mainly used in the production of composite materials, adhesives and building materials. In 2013, the consumption of epoxy resin in my country was more optimistic than in 2012, and the consumption reached 1.17 million tons, an increase of about 15% from the previous month. In recent years, with the development of China's automobile industry, container industry, copper clad laminate industry, real estate, water conservancy projects, power grid transformation, information industry and new energy, the consumption of epoxy resins is expected to increase year by year, of which the composite material industry is developing rapidly. The consumption volume will increase greatly in the future.

According to the "2014-2018 China Epoxy Resin Industry Forecast and Investment Strategy Research Report" released, with the development of China's national economy and increasing emphasis on environmental protection, the future development of China's epoxy resin industry will show that enterprises need to have Scale advantage and improve the applicability of products and the two trends of industrial chain and overall development of regional economy.

  In the fields of electronic and electrical equipment, potting and encapsulating materials, epoxy resins are developing in the direction of low halogen, low moisture absorption, low viscosity and high purity; in the field of coatings, they are developing in the direction of high solid content, no solvation and water solubility. In the future, with the development of my country's epoxy resin enterprises, the competitiveness of my country's epoxy resin products will gradually increase.