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New Application Of Glass Fiber: A Glass Fiber Automatic Umbrella That Is Strong Against Rainstorms And Not Afraid Of Getting Wet

Aug 08, 2020

On rainy days, let’s talk about rain gear. The application of glass fiber materials is very wide, from industry to life, there are glass fiber materials everywhere. Have you ever used umbrellas made of fiberglass materials on rainy days?


The blue sky and white clouds, the clear sky, the sudden storm, the ordinary umbrella is completely useless, and the wind is completely weak, and the appearance of being overturned on the road is really embarrassing!


Today, Fucai.com recommends a "new tough guy in the umbrella industry" for you, which can withstand the level 8 wind and heavy rain, and keep you elegant and not wet!


Advantages of this new product:

Lightning opening and closing in 1 second saves time for getting on and off the car and closing the umbrella, preventing rain from splashing.

10 thick fiberglass umbrella ribs + high-strength aluminum alloy material, strong resistance to heavy rain and wind.

The rain doesn't get wet!

The high-density umbrella surface is resistant to direct spray from the water gun!


Ordinary umbrellas can't withstand the sudden rain storm. The big raindrops hit the umbrella surface. After a while, the umbrella surface is wet. The rain drips through the umbrella surface into the neck. The strong wind blows, and the heart is cool...

But for the fiberglass automatic umbrella, as long as the knife is not dropped, rainstorm and hail can basically be held!

Glass fiber automatic umbrella, 1 second 1 key opening and closing, single hand operation, faster getting on and off in the rain!

It can withstand storms of level 8, and it won’t turn over when opening the umbrella against the wind.

Not afraid of typhoon days.

The other design details are also good, comfortable and moist, highlighting the texture, and especially reflecting the style of the umbrella user. 5 business colors: calm black, wise blue, vitality red, modern gray, arbor coffee, there is always one to match your temperament.

On the whole, the quality of this glass fiber automatic umbrella is quite excellent.