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New Building Materials-high Strength Water Resistant Rubber Powder

May 30, 2020

High-strength water-resistant rubber powder is a high-molecular cross-linked polymer based on polyoxide and supplemented with polyol. After polymerization, high-strength water-resistant rubber powder is added with a variety of functional additives to make it a water-soluble powder with stable chemical properties at room temperature.

1. Application characteristics of high strength water resistant rubber powder:

The appearance of the high-strength water-resistant rubber powder is a white fluid powder, a safe and environmentally friendly product. It is a special product developed for cement-based building materials such as thin plastering. This product has excellent fusion property with cement paste, and can be completely dissolved in cement-based mortar system. The rubber powder assists the improvement of various indexes of mortar in different stages of cement hydration process, and has good weather resistance and stability The final result is a three-dimensional network cross-linked structure between the mortar and the interface, which merges into an organic whole.

2. Scope of application of high-strength water-resistant rubber powder:

High-strength water-resistant rubber powder has strong adaptability to cement mortar. The most obvious advantage is its super water resistance and bonding strength. It has a strong binding force to various insulation boards and is used to prepare bonding mortar and ceramic tiles. High-strength mortar such as adhesives and plaster.