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New Business Opportunities In The Application Of Glass Fiber Reinforced Materials: More Cases Of Skiing

Oct 17, 2020

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is getting closer and closer to us. Winter sports are also popular in China, which in turn drives the winter sports industry. Among them, there are also business opportunities for glass fiber reinforced materials.

Ski car

The ski car is a new thing in China, it can let people who don't use ski poles enjoy the fun of skiing. Ski bikes are an emerging industry in China, and the production and manufacturing are in short supply. In the past, the load-bearing components of ski bikes faced many problems and challenges. Nowadays, glass fiber reinforced materials have become the protagonist of the load-bearing ski bikes. The problem is solved, and glass fiber reinforced materials have become the star material of the ski bike industry.

The glass fiber reinforced material replaces the traditional metal parts, which not only realizes the light weight, but also reduces the bumps, oscillations, sway, noise, friction loss and other problems in the driving of the ski car. It also enhances the fatigue resistance and prolongs the use of the product. life.


Ski board

In the last Winter Olympics, glass fiber reinforced materials entered the field of skiing and became the star material of the snowboard industry. The raw materials of the ski industry have undergone many generations of replacement, and now the protagonist is glass fiber reinforced materials.

K2 Sports, which uses glass fiber reinforced materials to make skis, said that the application and development of glass fiber composite materials in ski sports stem from the different sports needs of ski enthusiasts. Alpine skiing is mainly driven by gravity, while extreme wilderness skiing relies on itself as a driving force. The difference between the two determines that they have different requirements for ski materials. Wagner is also an important promoter of glass fiber composite materials. The company believes that "glass fiber is an excellent material for skis, with light weight, high strength, high torsional stiffness, and excellent shock absorption performance."

Authoritative skiing practitioners remind ski enthusiasts that it is necessary to realize that excessive pursuit of the "flexibility" of skis may cause the traveling process to become very "bumpy" and reduce the sports experience. Therefore, glass fiber composite skis are currently a better choice.


Ski boots

What kind of shoes should we wear when we participate in skiing? After all, the surface of ice and snow is very slippery, which is dangerous. How to let more people who can't ski experience the fun of skiing? You can walk and jump on the ice and snow in shoes made of fiberglass material, which is non-slip and warm.

There is a winter anti-skid shoe on the international market, which is good at walking on ice and snow. The sole of the shoe is made of rubber material with thousands of fiberglass embedded in it. The fiberglass filaments are like tiny nails grabbing the surface of ice and snow. This was developed by Canadian scientists. The shoes are non-slip, warm and economical.


The method developed by Canadian scientists is to bury glass fibers in elastic rubber, which can be used to make winter non-slip shoes. The material is made of a rubber material called thermoplastic polyurethane. Thousands of glass fibers are embedded in it and stretch out of the rubber like tiny nails, giving the rubber a feel like fine sandpaper.


Such soles function like ordinary rubber on a dry surface, such as a tiled floor. But on the ice and snow surface, this kind of rubber mixed with glass fiber shows significantly better anti-skid ability than ordinary rubber. Let go of thinking, we will find that such soles can not only be used for ice and snow sports, usually in winter, when there is ice and snow on the ground, we can also let the elderly and children who are prone to slipping wear such non-slip shoes to ensure their walking. Safety.

Glass fiber reinforced materials are also used for ski poles, ski suits and ski helmets. More and more ski equipment and winter sports equipment are developed and manufactured with glass fiber reinforced materials to replace traditional materials and make equipment more modern and advanced.